Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Woman's Welcoming of Fall

Fall officially arrives later this week.  I've already welcomed her presence; though.  And, I've done so in an an intuitively-led manner.  Walking the tickled pink path, somehow this seems right to me.

As women, I believe we own the environment we occupy in a unique way.  We make way for, welcome, and place our own mark on the spaces we inhabit.  Sometimes this is done with much forethought and intention.  At others, it just happens. Similar to our ownership of environments, we have a knack for owning our intuitive gifts, too.

The past few weeks, I've found myself (without a plan to do so, beforehand) reorganizing things randomly.  My craft basket, the magazine clippings I've gathering for art journaling expeditions, the drawer where my cooler weather tights are kept...  One evening I found myself pulling my favorite pair of boots from the closet--just to look at them.  Hmmm.

Two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, while cleaning the house, I rather unexpectedly headed to the basement and carted up a plastic storage box.  It contained treasured fall decorations.  The housework was placed on the back burner for a bit as I eagerly decorated the fireplace mantle and hearth, filled baskets and set out cherished pieces I'd gathered in years gone by--all celebrating this lovely season that's already made her majestic debut.

This past Sunday, I again took a break from my writing and housework agendas.  This time, it was to journey forth to purchase mums, which I thereafter potted for display on the front porch and flower gardens.  Hanging the fall wreath I crafted a few years before, I stood back and smiled.  "Welcome, Fall," I thought.  Seems only a short while ago, I wistfully longed for the arrival of spring...

How will you clear space for the coming season?  More importantly, how will you welcome her?  Please share your insights!  Would love to hear them. And, yes, my mums are pink!!! :) T.