Monday, September 24, 2012

Self-investment... So Worth It!

From my art journal: last spring's "Public Speaking Skill-Building Plan"

Seems like I'm hearing more and more about it--self-investment that is...  Every time I peruse other authors' blogs, participate on a teleclass or listen to an inspirational podcast; a myriad of accomplished folks accredit their own overall well-being and success to it.  Self-investment.  Hmmm.   

Self-investment can certainly take many forms; self-nurturing being one of those.  Self-education is another.  I think I'm doing pretty good in both these areas.  In terms of self-nurturing, I adhere to my established minimum daily standards of self-care.  In fact, I even go beyond that (e.g. my monthly artist's dates, attending yoga classes, taking dedicated lunch breaks, etc.).  Regarding self-education, I read no less than two non-fiction books a month (generally, I read more than two!). I listen to informative podcasts. I even participate in personal development teleclasses and creativity forums from time to time.

Despite all this, I haven't truly invested in my own personal and professional development in 2012 as much as I should have.  All that is about to change, though (smile).

Tonight, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a local fundraising gala event which features Gloria Steinem as the keynote speaker.  Through her self-assurednesss, many meaningful accomplishments and authentic brand, she has served as an inspiration to me for years.  This evening, with growth journal in tow (will provide more insights on what this is and how I use it later on this week), I will record added gems which will enable me to be inspired and grow even further.

Of course, my participation in Toastmasters this past few months has been a personal and professional self-investment.  What truly makes this so is--not only have I carved out and honored my commitment of time in attending these meetings--I have also participated, in some form, at every meeting I have attended.  I've decided, however, to up the stakes a bit more.  Yup, I've enrolled in a half-day online class through Dale Carnegie Training (Successful Public Speaking).  Quite honestly, I am looking forward to the challenge!

And... Yesterday, I did something I have contemplated doing for some time now.  I signed up for author Leonie Dawson's e-course, Become a Business Goddess.  After finally understanding I own a business, I decided it's high time I took a business course (or two) along the way.  This one is great, as I can work it at my own pace!

What about you?  What self-investments have you made that you'd like to recommend?  Please share your insights!

Have a fab Monday!  T.