Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Announcements!

This lovely yoga mat now belongs to...

Sunday Greetings!  I have three big announcements to share...

The first big announcement relates to the giveaway I announced last month: Anyone who began following this blog or liked Tickled Pink Woman's Facebook page (August 5 through August 31, 2012) would be entered into a drawing to win this lovely yoga mat.  

Utilizing Random.Org's True Random Number Generator, I assigned each person (in the order they liked the Facebook page or followed the blog) a number.  The number generator did the rest (smile).
Congratulations to lucky number seven (7): the lovely Lynda Hammock!!!  Lynda, please email me  ( your mailing address and I'll promptly ship out the cushy blue beauty featured in the pic above. A special thank you goes out to General Electric who gifted me this (and another) yoga mat on behalf of their fabulous HealthyShare program!

The second big announcement is that, following useful commentary from a wonderful blog reader (and talented fellow blogger), I've made it much easier for you to post comments on this blog.  I truly love hearing from readers!!!  So, I want to ensure that posting comments is not a laborsome or frustrating process!  Perhaps this will encourage more commentary on the blog itself (which I would absolutely welcome!).  

The last announcement is that I'm planning another giveaway.  This one will include opportunities for current blog followers/Facebook friends as well as new blog followers/Facebook friends to be considered as eligible to win added goodies. :) Details will be announced in the next few weeks!

Enjoy this lovely day!  Hugs, T.