Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musings On Female-focused Films...


A bit under the weather today, but hoping to mend by this evening.  

You see, I had penciled in on my calendar a weekday date with Mark to see Welcome to the Dollhouse at the Gish Theater (I adore the Gish Theater! To see a past article I wrote for the Examiner about this fab place, click here.).

This eve's film sounds like one that would definitely take me back to those not-so-memorable junior high years, dealing with issues of female self-esteem, struggling to fit in--the stuff so many of us, unfortunately, experienced in youth.

I used to run from these types of memories.  They were too uncomfortable for me to simply sit with.  The more I embrace the fact that it's all about the now versus my past or future, the easier it has become to objectively go back in time, occasionally.  Although I haven't seen the film yet (and, unless I recoup a bit more likely won't tonight), I am hopeful that it sheds the spotlight on a myriad of struggles that still plague far too many young women, today.

Films that depict strong women characters, bring to light and/or deal, constructively, with women’s (and girls') issues are always of interest to me.  In fact, these types of films are amongst my faves.

Here are a few I highly recommend:
What are your favorite female-focused films?  I’d love to hear them!  T.