Friday, September 7, 2012

Note to Self…

Like my art journal, writing a 'note to self' brings me personal clarity

Several months ago, I engaged in a simple, albeit highly-luxurious, practice.  In fact, it’s one I subsequently recommended here, on the blog.  I wrote a letter to myself (a love note, actually!).  If you missed that past post, please take a moment to check it out by clicking here.

I am excited to share that this same, cherished letter (to myself) has been included in author Jo MacDonald’s latest book, Note to Self: The Secret to becoming your own Best Friend (see a sneak peak inside the book here). A copy of this glorious read arrived to me late last week.  Amidst one of the busiest weeks in recent history (sigh!), I eagerly carved out sacred time along the way to read this inspiring book (which I absolutely adore, BTW!).

When Jo asked me to submit a letter for her book, I felt quite honored to do so.  Writing a note to myself, though; this was unchartered territory for me at that time.  Sure, I write in my journal and art journal, avidly.  Nevertheless, I had never written anything specifically to myself.  Having now engaged in this activity, I can tell you that the insight gained from doing so has been tremendous. That one letter, written to myself, is currently helping me to better understand which direction to take in writing my second book. 

When it comes to assessing the value of writing a 'Note to Self,' Jo sums it up best (Note to Self, p. 20), “Give yourself a gift. A ‘Note to Self.’ A gift of words, a gift of love and acceptance, the greatest gift in the world. Give yourself permission to say all the words you have ever longed to hear.  Be bold, be passionate, be honest, but most importantly, be you.”

 Joy, peace & happy Friday! T.