Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All I Need is the Simple Stuff

Impatiens, beginning to fade; yet still so very lovely...

My Labor Day holiday was sacredly simple--which I adore.  You see, that's all I truly need is...the simple stuff.

Having an entire day off, enjoying breakfast on the patio and a morning walk on a nearby college campus...oh my!  I saw a lovely orange (possibly Monarch) butterfly while sipping my java on the patio.  I was fascinated to watch her flitter and flutter about; showcasing her innate beauty, soaring so incredibly high...  On campus, I observed mums; their buds bursting, some of them already in bloom.  Impatiens, beginning to fade; yet still so very lovely...

Writing in the afternoon, sipping water with lemon all throughout the day, a tea break (actually, two), a dinnertime picnic at the kitchen table with Mark as we watched the rain come down...really, what more do I truly need?  It is the blessed joy of the simple things in life which I have truly come to enjoy the most.

An added simple spot of joy came my way, yesterday. I discovered that three past blog posts were featured in the September 3 online edition of Art Journaling Today.  Feel free to check it out using the prior link, or you may simply choose to view the three past posts (that were featured) by linking through this blog (here, here and here).

Wishing you a simply luscious day! xox T.

Yesterday's treasured, yet simple, picnic!