Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Acts of Self-Kindness

Amazing what a simple act of kindness can do for someone, isn't it?  Brightens another's moment. Perhaps, changes the course of their day. Maybe it even encourages them to, in turn, do something kind for someone else.

The same principle applies for simple acts of self-kindness.  You know--the Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa versus mopping the kitchen floor, voicing your truth in the face of adversity, choosing an inspiring read over the 9 to 5 work you packed home...

Amidst a busy workday, earlier this week, I took a much needed lunch break (And, yes, a chocolate-banana soy smoothie was, yet again, involved (smile.)).  Giving that time to myself was decidedly an act of self-kindness.  

I took my kindness a bit further, though.  Rather than grabbing my smoothie and hurriedly rushing back, I added in a quick (albeit glorious) walk while sipping my smoothie; savoring all the little signs of autumn’s presence—sprinkled here and there.

Turns out it was pretty good use of my time, too.  I felt reenergized when I returned to the office—much more productive than beforehand. Even made a sizable dent in those budgets I've been working on.  Yay!!!

I’ve captured some of the lovely sights I saw that day.  They are featured throughout this post.

Envision one simple thing could you do, today, to cherish yourself.  Of course, if you feel compelled to do more than one act of kindness for yourself (like I did), opt for that option, instead! Thereafter, you may find you extend that kindness even further...and change the day's momentum (for the good, of course!). 

Sending you scads of loving kindness! Have a wonderful Friday, T.