Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Growth Journal Reflections...

My growth journal and a program from last Monday eve's event...

This past Monday evening, I had the privilege of hearing Gloria Steinem deliver the keynote address at a local fundraising gala I attended.  Wearing a long black vintage dress and adorned with layers of faux pearls, my "edged in bright pink" growth journal was in tow and very much a part of my semi-formal ensemble (smile). (A past post defining my growth journal and its use may be accessed here.)

I met up with a few girlfriends at the event and they literally raved at the idea of my bringing a growth journal along.  Mind you, I didn't write down everything Ms. Steinem said.  I did, however, capture the thoughts that most resonated with me.  Here are a few of the gems I captured that evening:
  • Social justice is shared story telling.  It's about each of us telling our own stories.
  • The women's equality movement isn't over!
  • Every cause undertaken is linked to addressing something else equally as important.  Linkages are so very important.
  • The solution to stimulating the economy? Pay women wages commensurate with our counterparts.  This puts more money into the economy. We women know how to spend it!
  • It is transformational for women to be strong.
  • The Iroquois Indians have no words to describe "nature" or "gender." Humans are one with nature.  Everyone is equal.
  • The ballot box is one place we all equally have a voice.
  • Why does our system see more value in the harvested tree than the one in the ground?
  • Adopt this worldview: "Everyone matters." 
So glad I was in attendance that night--with growth journal in hand (more smiles!).  Joy, peace & growth!  T.