Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple Joys in September

One of the week's joys=spying the appearance of berries on the yew shrubs!

In the spirit of September’s focus on simplicity, this week’s basic (and cherished) joys include:
  • Took a few minutes (before a meeting) to sit on a sun-soaked bench and bask in the glory of an early-autumn day;
  • Yoga class (every minute of it!);
  • Centered myself during a busy day, using breathing techniques;
  • Spoke up (a time or two, actually);
  • Enjoyed dinner on the patio one evening after work;
  • Journal writing while sipping a glass of dry rose; 
  • Date night with Mark;
  • Rendered a seven-minute speech at a local Toastmasters club meeting (based upon this past post);
  • Gathered with friends and community leaders to celebrate the launch of BGSU’s Golden Z Club;
  • Lunched with a wonderful group of gal pals;
  • Practiced yoga at home late one evening;
  • Connected with dear blogger friends;
  • Sipped chrysanthemum tea while working and listening to vintage jazz tunes as the rain came down outside my office window. 
What was your favorite simple joy this week?  Would love to hear about it!  T.