Monday, September 10, 2012

How My Art Journal Inspired Me to Write...

From my art journal (September 8, 2012)

The depiction below is taken directly from my beloved art journal (9/8/12). 
It is is my account of actual events (smile).

Today, my Wise Self whispered.  Told me, "Paint in your art journal. Then, you will write--creatively, freely, and well."

For a while, I sat at my computer and waited.  Nothing came to me--no words, no inspiring thoughts, no ideas.

"Okay, Wise Self," I said, art journal in hand, "I will paint--as you asked." 

A short time later--back in front of my computer...  I wrote--creatively, freely and well.

The moral to this little story is that when the Wise Self whispers, lend her your ear, grab your art journal; then paint.

Have a great Monday, T.

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