Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simplicity: A Worthy Theme for September!

Totally stress free?  Perhaps not, but simplicity does mean less stress!

There are definitely times when I find myself experiencing a sense of overwhelm before the day even begins...  Yesterday morning was one of those unsavory occasions. Albeit a Tuesday, it sure felt more like a Monday.  Many 9 to 5 tasks awaited me; coupled with the knowledge that my workday would be a long one.  Uh huh. Glaring right at me, from my calendar, was a late evening business meeting (7 p.m.!).  

Despite it's auspicious beginnings, yesterday ended up turning out quite differently than it began.  With Monday's cherished simplicity still hanging in the air--softly beckoning me, I decided not to give into feelings of overwhelm.  Instead, I strove to take each moment as it presented itself, rather than getting ahead of myself (as I sometimes tend to do).  It wasn't easy.  I found I had to redirect myself several times (lovingly, of course!) throughout the day.  Was yesterday absolutely perfect? No, but I am pretty sure it was far less stressful than it could have been!

Along with my strategy to be more fully present, I also adhered to my standard practice of filling my day with simple joys (those things that make me feel nurtured).  Yesterday's little treasures included affirmations, a mid-morning tea break, scads of deep breathing, a dedicated lunch break (chocolate-banana soy smoothie from Starbucks paired with a trip to my favorite local coffee shop for a java to go, which I enjoyed savoring from my desk post lunch), a spot of after-meeting writing at home, and a luscious hot bath before bedtime.

Much like I've declared 2012 to be the "Year of Living without Regret," I have deemed September to be "The Month of Simplicity."  It is simplicity (not overwhelm) that will bring me the greatest level of comfort and joy!  

Join me in celebrating the joy of simplicity this month--both here on the blog and at the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page (where an awesome group has gathered!).  Make needed time for yourself (regardless of whether you believe you have time to do so or not).  Develop mechanisms to focus and center yourself (breathe deeply, feel your feet grounded to the earth, journal, etc.).  Live now, rather than in the past and/or future. Give gratitude for life's precious, simple pleasures.

Joy, peace & a simply-wonderful early-September day to you!  xox T.