Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Fashion Whimsy...

The rumors are true...I do like to get whimsical with my wardrobe from time to time (check out a past post here).  It’s one of the many ways I express myself creatively—while also exercising my authenticity muscles a bit further...

Please allow me to digress for a moment... Last week, Mark and I ventured out one evening to see the latest 007 film.  One of the actresses in the movie was wearing a dress with a belt cinched at the waistline—no big thing—I do that all the time.  What I had never thought to do, however, was to wear it like she did (with the buckle in the back versus front of the dress). 

I loved the look, and sported the “backward belt look” yesterday at work.  It’s a super-fun and chic way to accessorize. (The belt I sported had a patent leather buckle. A gold or silver tone buckle would have provided added effect.)

 Please share your fashion whimsy fun here.  Would relish gleaning further inspirations! 

Joy, peace and happy “little Friday.”  T.