Saturday, November 24, 2012

Act. As. If.

Yet another lesson learned from my beloved pet: Act. As. If.

Late last week, I attended a work-related training.  While there, I answered the most in-class questions correctly within my assigned work group (smile).  This translated into me being invited (by the instructor) to select a small gift item for myself.  What I chose was a package containing two decorative cardinal birds.  You see, I had every intention of crafting a new holiday wreath using these little pretties.

Later, however, back at home...  Sweet diva pet, Tabitha, had a different idea...

Pulling the cardinals from my tote (to show Mark), I caught a glimpse of Ms. Tabitha from across the room--ears perked, huntress pose in place, stalking stealthily toward me.

Yes, you guessed correctly.  I gave her one of the little faux birds to play with.  And...she has literally enjoyed hour upon hour of dedicated "attack" time as a result.

No, the bird isn't real.  And, Tabitha has never been outdoors a day in her life (or so I'm guessing--we adopted her from the shelter when she was merely a kitten). Meaning that, until this recent "bird episode," the term "master huntress" would not have been included in my description of her.

None of these facts have mattered to her, though.  Since the arrival of her new "prey" she has totally acted as if--and, quite convincingly.  As a result of her actions, she's earned my realization that she is (or, rather, could be) a huntress extraordinaire.

In a similar vein, I've heard that there's no scientific reason to explain why a bumblebee can fly. Aerodynamically, it defies established logic.  Nevertheless, bumblebees do fly. In essence, just like my dear tabby cat, bumblebees act as if.  My thought is this: if acting as if works in nature, it's something I should naturally be able to implement, myself--in any given situation.

I absolutely adore the idea of acting as if!  Gone are the perceived limitations, when acting as if.  There are no worries whether or not others think you can achieve your dreams. Fear is not a factor.

Join me in establishing an attitude of "act as if."  I am certain we all could end up as empowered as "fierce huntress" Tabitha and flying high, just like the bumblebees!

Joy and peace.  T.