Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Muse: Intensive Self-care

Monday’s 7 p.m. meeting resulted in me returning home at a bit past 10 p.m. that night.  What culminated from this unforeseen work-related event (sometimes, stuff just happens) were the little steps I took all throughout the day, on Tuesday, to nurture and care for myself in both meaningful and mindful ways.

My morning: I began the day off right, affirming as I dressed.  Filled with yummy apple cider tea, I took my favorite travel mug along with me to work.  Mid-morning, I gifted myself a dedicated 5-minute break, treating myself to a hand massage; using the delicious, organic lotion featured in the photo above.  I’d been saving that yummy packet of bliss for several months—already knowing there’d be the perfect time for an indulgence such as this.

Lunch: I took my myself out to a sacred solo lunch where I savored a delectable chocolate-banana soy smoothie off-site before heading back into the office for a 1:30 p.m. meeting.  This precious time alone allowed me to “refill my well,” prior to putting my “game face” back on.

Tuesday evening: Sometimes the fates just work out in our favor, huh?  I had booked a massage for Tuesday evening—several weeks ago.  No surprise--it was exactly what I needed to further relax, work out the kinks and de-stress on an even deeper level.  Afterwards, I engaged in a few chill yoga poses at home (so fab!).

Today: It’s pretty simple... I’m celebrating the fact that I have the next five days off from the 9 to 5.  I’m guessing it’s already clear what that means, right?  Yes, this equates to added rest, relaxation and, decidedly, my continued practice of more self-nurturing!

Joy and peace this awesome Wednesday morning!  T.