Sunday, November 11, 2012

Creatively Musical Interludes

Anyone else have a writing playlist?  I do and I dearly cherish it! Music serves the purpose of getting me into a specific "space" I hope to occupy while creating.  It moves my spirit in such a way that I accredit it to enhancing whatever creative pursuit I'm undertaking.

Mind you, my playlist is fluid--somewhat ever-changing.  Some songs are likely there to stay (at least for a while).  Others will go on and off as I deem fit (smile).

It's also important to note that I sometimes feel inspired to tune in to other playlists I've created, as well as Pandora, CDs, etc.  From time to time, I write without music.  It's all an issue of listening to what my Wise Self encourages me to do.

A few months ago, I contributed a (as a guest blogger) a post for author Gail McMeekin's Creative Success blog entitled "Making Your Creative Mark; Markedly So."  That post focused on ways to honor your creative time as sacred and personally meaningful.  The use of music was one of the ways I suggested readers incorporate into their creative endeavors.  Here's a snippet from that post:

"Music.  It sways your body, and sings to your soul.  Like your creative undertakings, it is art.  Play tunes that best inspire you while you create.  Know when to adjust the volume up or down.  Equally important, honor your Wise Self’s whisperings of when to create without music as well." 

Do you have a writing play list or special music you tap into while creating art?  If so, please share.  I'm always looking for added inspiration!

A snap of my writing playlist is featured below.  Joy and hugs.  T.

Oh, and BTW, Episode 2 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast will be announced here and on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page shortly. :)