Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tickled Pink Woman Podcast: Episode #4

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Tickled Pink Woman Podcast Show Notes:
Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello and welcome to Episode 4 of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast, a celebration of all things Zen, elegant and feminine.  The focus of today’s podcast: Simple ways to self-nurture.

The holiday season is already upon us… The use of simple self-care techniques can be used to make this the brightest holiday season yet!

Interchangeable terms used throughout this podcast: self-care, pampering, nurturing, self-love…

Author Stephanie Tourles’ definition of self care… (from her book 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

My definition of self-care (from a recent past guest blog post)…

Yes, I sometimes splurge on nurturing myself:
·      Pedicures
·      Manicures
·      Massages
·      Facials

My “go to” self-nurturing rituals, however, generally cost little or nothing and are relatively easy to implement:
·      Multivitamins;
·      Drinking plenty of water;
·      Honoring my Wise Self;
·      Using body and hand lotion;
·      Getting “physical;”
·      Resting, relaxing.
·      Dedicated solo time;
·      Claiming my creative gifts;
·      Feeding my mind;
·      Pursuing my dreams;
·      Stillness;
·      Reflection;
·      Affirmations;
·      Making healthy choices with food;
·      Being able to adapt (see how I recently adapted to care for myself);
·      Spiritual practices.

My tips for incorporating strategies around self-care:
·      Self-care starts from within…
·      Make your self-care routine easy to implement…

Pinking Shears: Ways to take today’s concepts away and tailor them for your needs! 

Activity #1: Identify your minimum requirements for self-care (a concept learned from author Jennifer Louden).  Mine are set forth in this past blog post.

Activity #2: List your favorite ways to nurture yourself.

Activity #3: Commit to consciously schedule no less than one self-care measure into your day for the next seven days.  Each day, schedule time to write about the experience.

Rosy Resources:

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself by Stephanie Tourles

My self-care interview (published on fabulous Terry Cohoe’s blog, These Peas Taste Funny)

My past blog post about establishing minimum requirements for self-care (contains links to Jennifer Louden’s blog and free MP3 download)

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Thank you for joining me on today’s episode of the Tickled Pink Woman podcast. Hope you’ll join me this week on the blog! Joy & peace!