Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Word of the Day is: Gratitude.

Guess who’s delivering the “word of the day” presentation at her Toastmaster’s meeting today? Uh huh, it’s me.

This will be our last meeting prior to Thanksgiving.  Fittingly, I have selected “gratitude” to be the “word of the day.”

I’ve not kept a gratitude journal in recent years, but I do sometimes dedicate time to silently acknowledge my appreciation for life's sweetness.  Generally, I do this en route to and from the 9 to 5.  Even though it’s a short five-minute jaunt, I’ve found this little bit of thankfulness, when observed, to be so very uplifting.

This morning, I’m giving gratitude: for Mark, my children, their health and wellbeing.  Beyond that, I look to the simple stuff I’m also thankful for:
  • yesterday's uneventful visit to the dentist;
  • the warmth I feel from the robe I’m wearing as I write this post;
  • the sound of the wind rustling dry leaves outside my window;
  • the green smoothie I’ll sip for breakfast;
  • last evening’s yummy pedi;
  • diva Tabitha (resident tabby cat) racing me up the stairs to my den this morning (pre-blogging);
  • the prospect of this evening’s soothing yoga class; and 
  • the many wonders this day will bring... 

The word of the day is “gratitude;” no doubt.  Joy and hugs.  T.