Friday, November 23, 2012

Final Considerations: 2013 Mantra

My 2013 mantra finalists (to date) sketched into my art journal...

Those who read the blog on a regular basis know I've been in search of a personally meaningful guiding mantra for 2013 (For added details, click here.).  My 2012 mantra (No regrets) is discussed in this past post.

Listed below, are my "final" considerations, to date. I originally gave myself a personal goal of identifying a guiding mantra by November 30.  I'm reserving the right (smile) to extend that date (if needed) to mid-December.

In the hope that some of these potential mantras might be of use to others (in identifying their own 2013 mantra), here are the finalists, so far:
  • Best foot forward;
  • Personal best;
  • Mindfully graceful;
  • Focus. Stretch. Balance;
  • Action is eloquence;
  • Act as if;
  • Savor the journey.
Will announce my selected 2013 sometime prior to the close of 2013.  Would adore hearing any mantras you are considering for 2013 as well (added inspiration is always welcome!).

Joy and peace!  T.