Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks to Yoga, Life's More Balanced

A recent art journal collage celebrates yoga's place in my life

It's Monday; marking my first day back in the office since Tuesday of last week.  These past five days have resulted in nothing short of sheer bliss--reading, relaxing, creating art, writing and (most sacred of all) spending quality time with loved ones.  I am thankful for every bit of it...

Several sizable projects await me, this morning, at work.  Another way to look at it is yoga class does, too.  Yes! Tonight, I am attending yoga class... And, I truly cannot wait.

Last Monday's nighttime meeting and Thursday's holiday meant no yoga classes for moi.  I did get some yoga on at home, though (smile)--which is something I'm striving to do (to some extent) daily.

Living life well is a series of ensuring balance is kept throughout the many areas I inhabit .  Interesting enough, it is the daily inclusion of yoga that contributes to my balance (not only in body--but in mind and spirit, too).

What balance will you bring to your day?  How can you ensure today's weighty responsibilities are somewhat more leveled?  Mine will include the use of yoga to better ensure it evens out a bit.

Joy, peace and Happy Monday!  T.