Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Thankfulness + Bliss!

Art + splendor greeted me last evening at the Indiana Memorial Union in Bloomington, Indiana...

TGIF!!! I’ve professed my love of Fridays (here on the blog) numerous times; yet, here I go again...

This Friday is special (Yes, I know. I’ve said that very same thing a time or two before!).  You see, I awoke to the sound of a bell tower clock chiming outside my window this a.m. in lovely Bloomington, Indiana (where Mark and I both attended college as undergraduates—a few years ago (smile!)). 

We drove here last evening after work.  Later today, we are journeying a bit south of here to spend time with loved ones for a few days (Will share a bit more about a very special Saturday evening celebration of gratitude we’re attending, tomorrow, on the blog).

This morning (and part of this afternoon), however, we’re relaxing here in B-town (yum!).  I heart this town for the wonderful memories we have here, but also for its amazing collection of interesting vintage clothing shops, bookstores, cafes, etc., and, of course, for our beloved Indiana University (roaming the campus is like taking walk in a gorgeous park!).  Will post snippets of Bloomington joy on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page, today (hope you’ll join me there!). 

Giving thanks, this Friday, for more than I can even begin to tell you... Blissfully, T.