Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sure You Can!

It's taken me a number of years, but I have come to realize it's my life, and that I am in charge of it. As long as it's legal, responsible, respectful of myself and others, and my actions are not harming anyone, I can pretty much call my own shots (Yum!).  

Join me, won't you, please? Once you arrive at this decision, you can do lots of neat stuff.  You can:

Proudly sport white jeans after Labor Day/before Memorial Day.

Color with crayons (and do so outside the lines, too!).

Boldly pursue your dreams (big and small)...

Publicly profess your love of a tree!

Openly discuss your gal pal lunches taken with your pet tabby cat (smile). 

Don whatever hat you wish.

Use your voice to speak your truth.

(Yes, you may fill in the blank above with your heart’s desire! You sure can!).

Joy and peace!  T.