Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creature Feature, Feminista Style!

Tabitha (my beloved diva pet) is a polydactyl (also known as a six-fingered cat)!  

This week, marks the three-year adoption anniversary date of Tabitha, our beloved pet tabby cat.  Located online via Petfinder, her listed description described her to a T: loveable and always willing to help.  In fact, it included what could only be deemed as her personal message to potential adopters: “Can I get you your coffee?  Be your personal assistant? Tie your shoes for you?”

It was the adorable photo below, however, that stole my heart forever (smile).  One day after learning of this little gem’s availability, we drove 20 minutes north (into Toledo) to finalize the adoption of her through the Lucas County Humane Society. 

In addition to being mentioned on the blog numerous times, she’s been featured in the following past posts (herehere and here).  Oh...and, lest we forget...her upstaging screen debut during my first Tickled Pink Woman Television video (click here to view). 

She’s cuddly, lovable and thinks she’s a dog (Actually, Mark says she thinks she’s human!).  Greets us at the back door every time we come home, curls up with us to watch whatever is on television, races me up and down the stairs inside the house, and camps out with me as I write and create art from my home office. 

She’s also a diva: hates getting her paws wet, has no interest in going outdoors (or in other cats for that matter), is afraid of insects and literally screams when she doesn’t get her way or if something scares her.  And, as you can see from the photo below, when she plays, she has to be in control or else she’s a force to be reckoned with (we’ve learned to let her win all string and other kitty-play games)!

A few years ago, I wrote a couple of pieces related to women and pet ownership for the Examiner.  As might be expected, our furry friends not only define us--they benefit us in ways beyond the obvious. You can access those articles here and here. I know my lovely doll sure has enriched my life tenfold!

Joy, peace and creature comforts to you this fab Wednesday!  T.