Monday, October 22, 2012

Thoughts on Balance + Life...

This past weekend, I wrote, I created, I balanced work + play...and I felt the sparkle re-emerge...

When I think of walking a tightrope, my first thoughts are of a rather precarious situation.  This weekend, however, I did, in essence do just that--walked a tightrope.  There was nothing risky or dangerous about it, though.  Instead, it was about moving forward--keeping a balance, employing beloved author SARK's micromovements, and realizing the sacredness of being firmly planted within the present.

Friday evening,  movie night was savored as planned.  Vintage spooky movies/programs and fab snack food was the focus.  Enjoying a night off--spent in, at home, simply having fun--was delectable--in more ways than one (smile).

Saturday morning, post my standing breakfast date with Mark, I picked up where I'd left off more than three weeks ago by resuming the writing of a sample chapter for my next book.  I also blogged, tested software for podcasting, wrote in my journal and art journaled.  Saturday evening, we enjoyed dinner out; then, settled in to watch The Girl on HBO (enjoyed, BTW...).

Sunday, I did a spot more book writing.  This time, it was only for an hour-ish.  Nevertheless, I resumed where I left off weeks ago--which is a step forward.  It's not terribly exciting...but, Mark and I tackled some major housecleaning for the remainder of the day (which had gone by the wayside this past three--possibly plus--weeks). After dining on vegan chili at home, we settled in to watch Boardwalk Empire (It's more his thing than mine, but I have to admit I love seeing all the art deco fashion and jewelry...).

Did I feel a bit wobbly in maintaining my balance this weekend?  Definitely.  All in all, though, everything seems to have normalized (a bit) as a result of my efforts. Feels good to, again, get on better footing--so to speak.

Here's to a balanced week for us all! Joy & peace, T.