Sunday, October 21, 2012

Late Bloomer Musings

Is there anything more beautiful than an October rose?  I snapped this shot outside the hotel where we stayed in Michigan last weekend.

This autumn, I find myself fixated on signs of growth, new life, and positive change—wherever it can be found (see recent related posts here and here).  Late blooming flowers provide an abundant source of evidence that lovely things can and do occur, despite adverse conditions.

Perhaps I am gravitating to these exquisite beings because I, myself, am a late bloomer—in oh-so-many ways:
  • didn't drive on a freeway until I was in my mid-twenties (Born and raised in southwest Indiana--we had no freeways there, and for the first quarter of my life, I rarely ventured outside of that area.);
  • began my undergraduate education at the age of 28 (with a working + college student husband and two small children alongside--smile);
  • earned my graduate degree in my 40's while working full-time and enjoying weekend/evening soccer mom status; 
  • never considered myself one of the "popular kids" until I was elected as President of the local Zonta Club (four years ago); and 
  • didn't recognize what I truly wanted to be "when I grew up," until a few months ago (at the age of 50)...
Mums are naturally meant to bloom late; roses—not so much.  I’ve decided I’m a cross between both varieties (smile).  Some of me was meant to bloom at a later point in time; other parts…well, those aspects happened contrary to all the externals involved.  Myself, I’d like to think that blooming is always possible—regardless of age, season or circumstances.  

Surprise Sweetest Day gift from Mark included bona fide late bloomers: mums! :)

Below, are a few more pics featuring late bloomers I spied on last weekend’s journey.  I hope they serve to inspire you to continue to grow, bloom and to uncover the positive aspects of change.  T.