Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Express Yourself!

My Halloween costume, October 1985

Thought the photo above might be fun for today’s post!  It’s me (October 1985) en route to a Halloween party where I dressed as (drum roll, please) Madonna!  Yes, believe it or not, that was the look I was going for (smile).

I posted this photo on the Tickled PinkWoman Facebook page yesterday morning.  There were various fun guesses as to who I was supposed to be.  Two lovely women finally guessed correctly last evening.  If you haven't joined us there, yet, please do!  I'd adore welcoming you to the community that's building there!

Halloween is a holiday where we can playfully dress up and express ourselves in pretty much any ole’ way we choose.  My definition of living authentically includes an ongoing value for self-expression—which includes how I dress. 

Nearly 30 years later, I still adore Madonna’s unique style.  Dressing like Madonna while supervising employees at the 9 to 5, though...well, that probably wouldn’t be an appropriate choice.  I can, however sport all black + lace + strands of vintage beads + tall boots in a way that’s totally office appropriate—yet allows me to be me—even in the workplace. To see past posts discussing how I’ve expressed myself through my wardrobe choices on the 9 to 5 click here, here, here and here

Like so many things, dressing for the office is an issue of balance.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to be mindful of the environment I'm occupying; while still honoring my artistic expression through dress.  It's one of many ways I express myself each day--authentically and creatively.

Happy, happy Halloween!  T.