Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Mindful Woman and the Moon…

An art journal collage (from 2011) features a crescent moon!

This week, there's a lovely crescent moon perched high in the sky.  I learned this fact early yesterday morning.  Coffee mug in hand, I did something I have not done in a while.  I walked into the dining room and peered out into the early-morning darkness.  Sipping my java, I unexpectedly caught a glimpse of the moon.  I felt so very much grounded in that moment, and truly serene.

Afterwards, I decided to listen to a satellite music channel as I finished dressing.  While combing my hair, an old Van Morrison tune came on.  It’s one I’ve heard many times before; although, it never held any special interest for me. Yet, yesterday, I listened to it as if I’d never heard it before.  “I adore that song!” I thought to myself.  Afterwards, I learned it is entitled “Moondance.”

Minutes later, standing in front of the mirror I affixed the clasp to a fave vintage pendant.  It's mother of pearl, and carved into the shape of a blooming rose.  At first glance, I thought “My rose looks like a full moon resting against that black sweater.”  And, remarkably, it did.  

I’m not generally superstitious… However, four years ago, two white doves landed in front of me (on two separate days, only a few days apart—and in two distinctly different locations geographically).  Shortly after the second incident, I researched their symbolism.  Found out white doves symbolize the presence of angels, which definitely caught my attention…

Despite my own internal arguments about this whole symbolism thing (which I’m not so sure I buy into, BTW), I caved in, and Googled “What does the moon symbolize?”  According to, I learned these interesting tidbits: “In the universal language of mind, the moon represents awareness in subconscious mind…Also, the Moon represents the Goddess.”  The only thing I could draw from these two pieces of information was “mindful woman,” which turns out is the title of a great book I’ve read a couple of times, already. Perhaps I need to give it another spin…

I’m not superstitious, mind you.  I’m just a mindful woman who really does love the moon (smile). 

Joy and peace.  T.