Saturday, October 20, 2012

Everyday Thoughts on Art & Nature...

“Every day try and read a poem, listen to an inspiring piece of music, 
look at a wonderful painting or go into nature.” –Lynne Franks

My excursion into nature, last Monday morning, meant me snapping fall photos from the patio in my pj’s (smile).  The photo above is one taken that morning. 

The sage advice (also noted above) is courtesy of author Lynne FranksSeed Manifesto.  Mindfully incorporating the presence of art and nature into my life (each day) doesn't always happen the way I'd like it to.  I've worked out a modification, though, that seems to be working well for me.  I don't know Lynne Franks personally, but have enjoyed reading many of her books. Since she embraces the concept of practicality; I wholeheartedly believe she'd approve.  Here goes:

All music inspires me. I listen to it daily.

Poetry is something I rarely take time to read, but I do devour scads of non-fiction personal development books, inspirational blogs and educational articles throughout the week; feeding my soul every bit as much as poetry would. 

As for wonderful paintings, I don’t make it to the museum as often as I’d like.  I do try, however, to see beauty and art in pretty much everything.  Yesterday morning, I marveled, while driving to work, at the sight of a combine parked in a freshly-picked field of corn as sun dappled down upon it amidst the dark clouds overhead. It was picture perfect.  

I may not venture, daily, into the forest, but I seek nature’s beauty every opportunity I can; whether it’s on a walk taken from my front door to my mailbox, spying falling leaves from my office window or listening to the sound of rain pelting the windows in the early morning hours as I lie in bed.

Getting ready to dash out for my Saturday morning breakfast date with Mark, downtown.  Wishing you a fab day! T.