Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chill Journal Reflections...

My journal: then and now...And, yes, both are pink (smile!).

It's where I gain comfort, seek respite, enjoy a solo celebration, and bare my soul.  Time and time again; in good and bad times, I find myself drawn to my journal. It's a practice that self-affirms, heals, makes me whole.

My journal is a sacred place. Today, however, I'm doing something rather unique (at least to me).  I am sharing a snippet of a journal entry written almost three years ago (October 31, 2009).  I had just started a new journal (the one pictured above--on bottom of the stack).  It is my hope today's blog post will inspire those who may not currently journal write to partake in this soothing, self-assuring practice.

"Yesterday, I asked myself, "If this was my last October 30, had I lived it well?" In that moment, reflecting upon that day, I had to say, "Yes!" I was on a quick break from my daily grind; enjoying the scenery, while giving gratitude and affirming myself.  My pledge is to build upon the mindful thoughts and actions I have so recently begun to employ..."

As the wind whips outside my window, I grab my journal and settle in for today's chill reflections... More journal writing insights are found at these past posts: here, here, here, here, and here.

Happy October 30! Love and joy!  T.