Monday, October 8, 2012

Powerful Pampering

Making time for needed art journaling=powerful pampering.

It's Monday, and strange as it feels, it is time to transition back into my daily routines and responsibilities, which got laid aside in the wake of last week's sad events.

We arrived back home from Indiana early yesterday afternoon.  Amidst unpacking suitcases, crafting thank you notes post dear sis-in-law's funeral, watering houseplants and various other necessities, I responded to my Wise Self's urgings to art journal my dreams for the coming week.

Some of the things I enjoy doing most I haven't engaged in for a few days now; largely due to my recent travels.  Although I did a great job of eating healthily and getting plenty of water while away, I am tired, a bit stressed and in need of some powerful pampering before attending next weekend's joyous nuptials.  As a result, here's some of what I have planned:
  • Attend yoga class (Monday);
  • Affirm daily;
  • Let my inner artist shine forth through my wardrobe selections;
  • Get a pedi (Tuesday);
  • Be mindful (daily);
  • Indulge in a facial (Wednesday);
  • Savor a pre-wedding salon evening on Thursday (haircut, french mani and highlights);
  • Read as desired;
  • Art journal in accordance with my Wise Self's insistence;
  • Write daily;
  • Make needed time for nightly exercise bike workouts;
  • Light candles each evening at home;
  • Luxuriate via lengthy soaks in the tub nightly;
  • Relish getting a salon updo on Saturday morning--before the wedding.
What powerful pampering is in store for you this week?  Would love to hear about it!  T.