Friday, October 12, 2012

On Wearing Different Hats…

Some folks only wear hats when it's cold outside.  Not me.  Cold, warm, rainy, sunny, snowy--whatever the season--I adore wearing hats.  In my worldview, however, not all hats are tangible...

For example, I’ve learned to wear a different proverbial “hat” when I’m in the office; versus the one I might don while on my own time.  To break it down further, whether on my own time or at the 9 to 5, I mindfully select which “hat” I must sport for each given occasion as it presents itself.

Case in point: the supervisor hat I wear when counseling an employee on performance issues is different than the one I wear when we are celebrating a successful workplace achievement together. Another example: in the past few weeks I have grieved due to several recent, unexpected losses of loved ones.  Tomorrow, I joyously celebrate my oldest son’s wedding day.  As this week progressed, I’ve quickly had to put a different hat on--in order to acclimate accordingly. 

For the fun of it…I’ve included a few pics of me (below) doing something I simply adore…wearing different hats (of the real variety this time)…each specifically related to the given occasion and season.

Joy, peace and happy Friday to you!  T.