Thursday, October 18, 2012

Play Like a Girl!

Elegant, feminine, and sporting a look that’s timelessly classic; naturally, I was flattered when my employee told me that the lovely paper doll, pictured above, reminded her of me (smile!). Donning a floral hankie as a skirt, this doll was recently gifted to me on Boss’s Day by a woman I supervise at the 9 to 5.

Posed atop my workplace desk, her presence has served to transport me down memory lane.  You see, as a little girl, I loved playing with paper dolls.  My favorites were a collection of dolls with matching traditional costumes from around the world.  Sadly, until this little sweetie appeared a few days ago, I had all but forgotten I ever even played with paper dolls—much less how I had relished doing so!

A few months ago, I wrote a post extolling the joys of reclaiming childhood’s lost passions (Missed it?  Please click here.).  What dear Eloise (Yes, that’s what I’ve named my little doll...) reminds me is—not only the value in recapturing lost passions—but also the importance of dedicating time, daily, for childlike play. 

Her message to me is clear: work hard, yes; but, play with equal fervor. It is what I already strive to do.  Ms. Eloise is just gonna help me to follow through with this a bit more often, though...

Soar from a swing. Dance. Tell fascinating stories. Finger paint a masterpiece. Play make-believe and dress-up.  Even if it’s a newfound craze the all-grown-up you has uncovered (for me, it's yoga), engage in it with little girl abandon—the very same you once possessed as a child.  Have fun with it; being fully present as you enjoy its charm.

Quite simply, there are two rules of thumb regarding playtime big girl style:
  1. just do it (make time for play of some sort daily); and
  2. play your heart out (I’ve already explained this part, right?)!
A happy and playful “little Friday” to you!  T.