Friday, October 26, 2012

Dreary Day Sparkle

Friday is my favorite night of the week.  Post dinner out, Mark and I had planned to enjoy this evening on the patio, fire dish lit, sipping hot cider with a nearly-full moon shining.  Today's forecast threatens to be cold, rainy, and just plain dreary--which puts a definite damper on the eve's patio soiree...  (Boo!!!)

Not a prob...  I’ve decided there’s more than one way to get my sparkle on--despite it all (smile).  Here’s how:
  • Affirm, “Today, I shine from within.”
  • Wear sparkle (accessorizing with vintage glass beads, and possibly the shoes featured above...); 
  • Employ a few of the strategies from this past post;
  • Engage in my stained glass window theory, so my light shines brilliantly—without hesitation;
  • Radiate loving kindness all throughout the day;
  • Mindfully sip sparkling water during a well-deserved, mid-afternoon 9 to 5 break;
  • Dedicate my efforts, today, to the four shining stars I’ve recently lost; and
  • Make it point to lighten at least one other person’s load or brighten their day somehow. 
And, tonight, who knows?  It might be too cold and rainy for the fire dish, outdoors.  That, however, only means it is a great time to light the fireplace and cozy up to its warm glow; which is not too bleak an alternative...

Happy, sparkling Friday to you!  T.