Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Art Journaling: If on Another Planet, I'd Still Have...

I'm always looking for great art journal (and personal) inspiration. A few days ago, I came across an insightful exercise in a great book I am currently reading, Pencil Dancing: New Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit by Mari Messer.

Messer's challenge is this: "What if you were suddenly whisked away to another planet? You have to leave everything behind: your family, friends, pets, home car, job possessions, everything. What would you have left? You have 10 minutes to make a list."

I must confess...  It took me more than a few to move beyond the thought of leaving my beloved family, dear friends and adorable diva pet behind.  After a bit of refection, however, I recognized the fact that this activity would be one to fuel my spirit--make me focus on the reliance of solely myself versus all things external.

Using the art journaling technique, demonstrated in this past blog post, I created my list (A photo is featured above.).  Here's a sampling of what I'd still have if suddenly whisked away to another planet:
  • my dreams;
  • thankfulness for all I have had and still have;
  • my sense of humor;
  • hope for the future;
  • great taste;
  • beautiful memories;
  • inspirational thoughts;
  • the desire to create;
  • love in my heart;
  • my friendship with myself;
  • the ability to laugh out loud, sing, tell stories and say whatever I want;
  • the ability to rise above it all;
  • my Wise Self;
  • daily challenges to ascend;
  • self-celebration;
  • affirmations;
  • the capacity to make mental lists that lift my spirit;
  • meditation;
  • my yoga practice;
  • an ability to tap into the power of deep breathing;
  • pink pride;
  • just enough feistiness to fight for myself;
  • compassion; and
  • knowledge that I will (somehow) survive--despite it all.
I highly recommend giving this activity a spin. When you get beyond the alien aspects of it, it's honestly a blast into self-empowering, other-worldly realms (smile!).  

Joy & peace!  T.