Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Made Me Smile

Yesterday, I dedicated my day to positive thoughts--to giving thanks for those things that literally brought a smile to my face.  Here's a sampling of what made me smile:
  • sunshine (I know.  It sounds like a John Denver song. Call me sappy, but sunshine did make me smile, yesterday);
  • bright orange, crimson red and butterscotch gold leaves adorning trees;
  • fresh flowers on my desk (pictured above);
  • listening to Tabitha (beloved resident tabby cat) mega-purring;
  • my dinnertime dessert of dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses;
  • hearing encouraging words from others;
  • the kindness of strangers;
  • yoga class (every single minute of it!);
  • a mug of hot mint tea (post yoga class);
  • writing by candlelight;
  • munching popcorn while perusing email; and
  • taking a dedicated moment to reflect upon the fact that each day is a gift.
Wishing you beams of sunshine and a day sprinkled with many smiles this lovely Tuesday!  T.