Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pink Love!

A recent (10/20/12) art journal collage dedicated to my love of all things pink!

Funny how, in the past five years or so, I've rediscovered my passion for those things I loved as a child--including the color pink.  If ever a month was symbolic of this delectable hue, October is.  In accordance, here's what I'm lovin' that's pink this month:

My pink yoga mat + pink-embellished yoga mat bag

Pink bloomers (mums) I spied downtown a few days ago

My pink ribbon "to go" mug 

Pairing my pink polka-dotted blouse with black polka-dotted scarf & lace

Favorite "at home" tea mug (Vera Bradley)

$4 vintage, pink sparkle pin (purchased while enjoying last month's artist's date)

Replacement pink (journal writing) pen--
ink cartridge fiasco ruined the other one late last week :(

Fellow pink lovers (and all others, of course!), hope you enjoyed today's rosy tribute to my fave color!  Hugs and joy, T.