Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scary, but Authenticity Means Embracing It All...

Not sure if it's evident or not, yet...  But, I simply adore Halloween! Yes, moi--lover of all things Zen, elegant and feminine--also adore the most kitsch-ish, ickiest, and strangest of holidays.  Living authentically, though, means I embrace it all--including those things that seem out of place; qualities that are juxtaposed in ways that, somehow, just don't seem to fit.

With everything that's happened as of late, I had almost resigned myself not to decorate the house for Halloween this year.  Following Monday's much needed day of partaking in "guilty pleasures," however, I discovered what I needed most was to embrace those things I truly enjoy, yet sometimes feel not-so-entitled to (in this instance: decorating the house for the upcoming holiday).

Turns out, it was exactly what I needed--to honor and give way to my genuine, authentic self.  Afterwards, I felt a tad more renewed...

Below, are a montage of pics--featuring a bit of the indoor decor.


I absolutely heart the Peanuts gang!  Mark bought me several Halloween-themed Peanuts figurines a few years ago.  He loves to tease and say that Sally was me as a little girl.  Based upon the pictures below, I'm beginning to think that he may have a point. ;)

May your day be laden with authentic expression!  Joy & peace, T.