Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Journal How To: For the Love of Tissue Paper

Whisper thin and pliable, it makes my heart go a flutter (wink!).  I have a huge stack of the stuff—in varying shades and patterns, and love getting creative with it. 

“What?” you ask—am I talking about?  It's tissue paper I'm referring to--and I utterly adore using it in my art journal.

And, guess what? I’ve not had to purchase a bit of it.  Nope! I save all the tissue paper that comes to me via gift bags, wrapped store purchases, shipped packages, etc. Got a nice little stash, too!

Below are some of my most beloved ways to incorporate tissue paper into my art journal:

Paint onto the tissue paper!
How to: Ball up a sheet of tissue paper (in order to crinkle it a bit).  

Next, glue the tissue onto the art journal page. Then, paint over it.

Add a tissue page into the art journal.
How to: First, apply a glue stick along a page crease.

Then, write and/or collage onto it. 
It's also a great place to display printed info from other sources.

Use tissue as a background for collages.  
How to: Glue a sheet of tissue paper onto the journal page, and add images to it.

Create tissue flowers to adorn the pages of your art journal.

How to:  Simply “ball up” or roll a small piece of tissue paper. Then, play with it a bit—in order to fashion a flower-like item that can be glued into your art journal.  There’s no right or wrong to this!  Flowers are all unique—just like your tissue paper floral creations (smile).

 Do you use tissue paper in your art journaling endeavors?  Please share your insights!

Joy & peace! T.