Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Equinox Reflections...

One of my very first art journal collages (May 6, 2010)

Despite the snow flurries that flittered about (accompanied by below-freezing temps), spring arrived officially--yesterday—in the northern hemisphere.  My spring equinox was not marked by anything remarkable: a busy workday, dinner at home, some writing and a spot of nondescript relaxation before finally proclaiming it “a day.”

Tonight, though, I’ve decided the vernal equinox celebration begins (smile).  Post dinner, I’m headed to a candlelit yoga class, where I hope to mindfully connect with myself in body, mind and spirit.  Afterwards, I plan on sitting down with my growth journal, a cup of hot jasmine tea, and a lit candle or so—back home.  Who knows?  I may just burn some of the lavender incense I’ve got stashed away in a kitchen cupboard, too...  You see, in the springtime, I like to reflect (even if only briefly) on the following:
  • In what ways did I prepare my life's "flower bed" (mentally, physically, creatively, spiritually, etc.), this winter, to ensure a more bountiful spring? This allows me to reflect on the ways I've nurtured my body, mind and spirit this past season.
  • What "seeds" will I plant in my life's "garden" this spring?  (In other words, what do I want to manifest in this new season?)
  • How will I water, feed and weed my life's "garden" this coming season?  (List those things I'll do to better ensure my dreams are realized (e.g. carving out weekly time in nature, drinking plenty of water each day, journal writing on a regular basis, etc.)).

Do you have a welcoming of springtime ritual?  If so, I’d adore hearing about it!

Joy, peace and happy spring!  T.