Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reflections: The Best Year of Your Life...

Last Sunday morning, while sipping java and catching up on inbox reading (Yes, that restful time inspired a few of this week's posts), I came across a weekly electronic newsletter written by author Cheryl Richardson. This specific edition featured a tribute to author Debbie Ford, who passed a way late last month from cancer at the young age of 57.

Yesterday evening, post another busy day in the office, I pulled Debbie Ford's The Best Year of Your Life: Dream It. Plan It. Live It. from a shelf in my home library.  I then began rereading passages previously emblazoned with a bright neon orange highlighter...

You see, I have this little habit (so to speak).  I underline, highlight and write notes in the passages of the books I read/own.  The underlining/highlights serves as my way of capturing what spoke to me as I read.  The jotted down reflections, etched into the margins, summarize key thoughts I've had.

In memory of author Debbie Ford, I thought it fitting to share a few of the many highlighted passages found within my copy of The Best Year of Your Life: Dream It. Plan It. Live It.  Rereading her sage words guided, motivated and inspired me every bit as much last evening as they did a little over a year ago--when I first read this book.  No doubt, they will likely resonate with others as well:

"Living your best year calls on you to surrender your outdated beliefs about what you are capable of being or doing and to replace them with the belief that your job is to be the greatest expression of yourself, knowing that there is no finer contribution you can make to the world than fulfilling your highest potential." (p. xv)

"So if we wait for a particular outcome to occur in order to be happy, we will miss out on our right to have a life we love right now." (p. 13)

"Closure is synonymous with freedom." (p. 49)

"Our thoughts dictate our behaviors and our actions. Our minds tell us what we are and are not capable of doing and achieving." (p. 72)

"When we feel great about who we are, we radiate an undeniable magnetic energy that attracts to us all the things we desire." (p 141)

"When we love and respect who we are, we naturally feel worthy enough to have it all." (p. 142)

"Making the choice to nurture within you the qualities you admire in others will build your self-esteem." (p. 146)

"Time is precious. And when we realize this, we become aware of the importance of claiming each moment." (p. 150)

Joy and peace this lovely day!  T.