Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Journaling with Artsy Paper Bags

Art journal collage with a damask-print paper bag background
(April 2012)

Picked up a sweet silk blouse at the local consignment shop yesterday afternoon It cost me only $4 as I was able to apply in-store credit (having recently sold a few of my own unwanted items there).  Upon checkout, my purchase was bagged up in the artsy paper bag (featured directly below).

As we were talking, the store owner shared with me that she uses bags like these as gift wrapping.  I told her I enjoyed using them in art journaling.

Yup, paper bags are fabulous art journaling material.  They can be cut/torn, then pasted onto an art journal page or glued in (edge only) to serve as a new page in the art journal (This past Tickled Pink Woman video provides a demonstration on how to add pages to your art journal).  Once affixed inside the art journal, the paper bag inclusion ideas are endless.   Listed below are a few of mine:
  • use as the background/backdrop for a collage;
  • write on it (as it is--without further embellishment) using colored pens/markers (Great journaling prompts are found in this past post);
  • stamp onto it;
  • dip sponges and other interesting objects into acrylic paints to further adorn the page;
  • paint designs such as flowers, trees, etc. onto the bag; and
  • decorate your bag with glitter glue.
Here's another paper bag waiting to be used in my art journal...

If you missed last week's Tickled Pink Woman video on art journaling, you can link in by clicking here.   To check out the Tickled Pink Woman YouTube channel (which includes several other art journaling videos), click here).

Do you use paper bags in art journaling?  Happen onto any good thrift or consignment shop finds lately?  Please share!!!

Joy and peace!  T.