Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creativity: Tips for Cultivating It...

Creating art=the courtship of one's own soul.
--my insights via Twitter (March 26, 2013)
Collage courtesy of my art journal (March 26, 2013)

Cultivating creativity... To me, it's simply a matter of wooing the creative spirit within.  My tips for creativity cultivation are:

Nurture it daily.  Snap a photo with your phone.  Write a few lines in your journal. Arrange fresh-cut flowers in a vase.  Every day, purposefully engage in at least one creative endeavor.  

Listen to it.  Give careful considerations to your creative ideas and impulses--even those that seem a bit different or farfetched.  When you further explore your inspirations, you honor yourself, hone your intuitive, and better ensure you will always have creative material ready for use.

Don it.  Mix prints. Sport vintage statement pieces of clothing and/or jewelry. Allow your outward appearance to serve as the canvas you display your authentic self upon.  

Share it.  Gift others with the handicrafts you make. Launch a blog. Teach someone how to knit.  Your bright light illuminates the paths and lives of others. It also allows you to celebrate yourself while simultaneously doing something special for others.

Grow it.  Take a class in watercolor painting. Check out an instructional video on gardening.  Experiment with mixed forms of media in your art journal.  Play. Express. Have fun.  Go where you feel led—creatively. Seek creative growth consistently.

Recognize it.  Honor yourself for your efforts. Realize you have gifts. Embrace your life as art.

How do you cultivate it (creativity--that is!)?  Would adore hearing from you!

Joy and peace.  T.