Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Courage, Self-authenticity & Leopard Print...

Yup, a test of courage and authenticity arrived via these babies!

I've touted it often: courage, authenticity, self-expression, not worrying what others might think...  Yet, those who follow the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page know I had a moment or two of thoughts contrary to what I generally "preach" this past Friday evening...

You see, it all began on Friday night--post me seeing the little sweeties featured above--online on Etsy.  My size, vintage BCBG, nicely was sheer adoration at first sight!

Then, came the "Darest I?" thoughts...  If I purchased them, I would definitely wear them (things don't just sit in my closet!).  Out and about--no problem, but the workplace... Hmmm what would others say (sporting my leopard print stilettos has been a bit more "liberal" wear than is generally the norm within said environment). Me, the owner of two faux fur leopard print coats, even questioned if there was such a thing as "too much" leopard print that one could don (as if!). 

Then, on Saturday morning, I read a recent feature from a fashion blogger that truly resonated.  She had purchased a pair of boots others had previously referred to as outright "ugly."  Her response was to buy and proudly wear them--because she loved the way they looked.  

Needless to say... The deed has been done.  Boots have been purchased.  The little pretties should ship within the next week.  Feeling somewhat more courageous, authentic and self-expressive, I joyously await their arrival (big, big smile!).

Joy and peace!  T.