Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tickled Pink Woman Blog Celebrates Its First Year!

Reflective art journal collage created a day after my own birthday (May 2010)

It’s surreal...  The blog celebrates its first birthday, today!!!  Yes, March 5, 2012, I launched this blog with a post entitled "My Sketch for Living Tickled Pink."  Interestingly enough, it took me two years to get there—now, I wonder what it was that held me back for so long???

The blog’s original focus was “All things Zen, elegant and feminine.”  In December, I announced a shift to “A Woman’s Celebration of Self,” in an effort to more accurately define the blog’s content.  This change seems to have resonated with readers (since the end of the blog’s first full month (March 31, 2012) through February 28, 2013, the blog has had a 192 percent (192%) increase in readership, AND since December, an eight percent (8%) increase!).

Writing this blog has opened me up to a whole new world.  Some examples are:
In this first year, the five most popular posts (in descending order) have been:

5.  Sure You Can!  

1. Celebrating Feminine Camaraderie! (1,370 reads to date)

My favorite posts have been (in no particular order):

Thank you for your readership, comments, emails and other various forms of support (buying my first book, purchasing from my Etsy Shop, listening to my podcasts or following via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).  It means so very much to me as I strive to share my art and writing with others!

It’s bright and early, so my proclamation of “Cheers!’ is made with a hot cup of Highlander Grogg java in hand while writing from my home office this morning; nevertheless, “Cheers!!!” And... “My extreme gratitude to each and every one of you!”

A martini I enjoyed while celebrating my own birthday last May!

Hugs, joy and peace.  T.