Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative Ways to Make Adversity More Bearable...

Last eve's full moon--post yoga class--was anything but adverse...

Adversity--I totally do not dig it.  You see, I don't fancy having encounters with mean folks.  Failure...could definitely live without it.  Plans going awry generally equate to me being out of sorts. Sticky situations? Is there an option to "pass" on these?

Yet, I fully know all the above and a host of other unsavory things happen--far more often than I'd even like to admit.  That's life, right?

Over time, though, I've developed a few creative ways to define and, as a result, better deal with those things that (at least initially) aren't so pleasant.  If even one concept is useful to you, I'll deem my sharing of these to be worthwhile (smile).

Here goes...

Razorbacks: These are those feelings that creep in when something just isn’t right... Yes, it’s unsettling.  Nevertheless, this vibe is an internal mechanism alerting you to pay closer attention to a situation or person.  It’s your Wise Self in action.  Be thankful for this internal warning system and for her (your Wise Self's) presence—she’s most definitely on your side!

Surprise Packages:  The best way to explain this one is found in the old adage “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  Added detail is found in this past post.

Rhubarb Pie:  It’s really my version of saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Bad situation (Life hands you rhubarb?)?  Find a way to make it yummy.  Make rhubarb pie. Toss in a few strawberries for real yumminess!

Bonus Bucks:  I have a theory. When life gets tough, small successes and/or micro-sized strides taken (which are generally overlooked when things seem to be going relatively well) actually become more meaningful to me.  This means more self-celebration is taking place (any level of self-acknowledgement counts toward this!). Decidedly, that's a plus, yes?

Please share your creative ways to redefine + overturn adversity.  I would ADORE hearing about them!

Joy & peace.  T.