Monday, February 18, 2013

February Adorations

Today, I have the day off from work--in observance of Presidents' Day.  That, I truly adore.  Pictured above are potted tulips now residing prettily in my foyer.  Saturday morning, post my standing downtown breakfast date with Mark, I discovered red lovelies blooming among the pink ones--and I am adoring that as well!

Featured below are a few other recent adorations I wanted to share:

Self-made bookmark for my growth journal
Simply tied a couple of ribbons to a coated paperclip.
Knotted the ribbons for added "interest."

Sporting a fair trade bracelet
Purchased last summer in Evergreen, CO. while on vacation

Wearing a hat, indoors, while volunteering
Snagged on clearance at Urban Outfitters while in Bloomington last fall

Planning the week's wardrobe selections (Tuesday's is pictured)
Fave Breton striped shirt + thrift shop leather skirt + 
deal o' the century blazer featured in this past post

Began using new art journal=the end of an era...
The new art journal is the black one featured on top.

Please share what you are adoring this month.  Would truly heart hearing about it!  

Joy and peace.  T.