Sunday, February 3, 2013

History vs. Drama vs. Fashion...

The hat + scarf are not vintage...  They were clearance bin items & look the part tho'!

Snow coming down galore and temps beyond cold outside, Mark and I settled in, last eve, with the fireplace lit, to watch a few back episodes of Downton Abbey.  Not until recently did we begin tuning into this series; and only then after a few friends of mine had absolutely raved over it.

Many of you may not know this... My undergraduate degree is in History; so, of course, I love the historical aspect of this program.  And, no doubt, I enjoy a bit of drama--from time to time (smile).

What I really adore, however, is admiring the vintage fashion (clothing, jewelry and other assorted accessories) displayed throughout the program. The Art Deco period being my absolute favorite, I found this to be true when watching Boardwalk Empire, too!

You see, I adore vintage anything, and I heart buying green whenever possible.  Thought I'd share a few vintage pieces, of my own, that I believe could be worn by any Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire fashionistas who might be reading... These items were bought very inexpensively, they are truly vintage and are cherished, now, by me versus residing in a landfill (hooray for green purchases!).

Czech glass, Art Deco (via Etsy)

Sweet glass beads I purchased from an antique shop "down the road" from me

Lux glass strand purchased from a British Etsy shop owner
(May have been what a real Downton Abbey femme would have worn, perhaps!)

Sparkly Eiffel Tower pin I purchased from a French Etsy vendor
(Makes me think of Midnight in Paris!)

This brooch definitely looks early 1900's...
Purchased this lovely during an artist's date taken last fall.

Please share with me your thoughts on historical dramas, vintage finds and green purchases.  I truly want to hear about them!

Joy & hugs, T.