Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Impact of a Mother’s Influence...

The world lost another beautiful female soul, yesterday.  Virginia Bradley, my sweet mother-in-law, passed away in her sleep.  She was only 71 years old. 

There’s much I admired about her. Prior to her significant decline in health, she was one of the most independent women I’ve ever met. Intelligent, candid, and no- nonsense to the core, she epitomized so many enviable qualities.

What holds my deepest admiration, though, is the pivotal role she played in raising one of the most gentle, empathetic and honorable persons I have ever met—my husband, Mark.  Knowing how she interacted with, and raised him--there is no doubt she greatly influenced who he is.

One time I told her, "Thank you, Virginia, for raising my husband. You did a great job."  She beamed.

Now, publicly, because I want others to know who she was, and the impact she has made, I have one final thing to say to this dear woman. I know she is listening. I hope it makes her, again, shine brightly--as she so very much deserves to: "Thank you, Virginia, for being such a wonderful mother. Your efforts truly did make a beautiful difference in this world."

Love and peace.  T.