Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fashion Inspirations via Magazines

Magazine inspirations fashioned into a recent art journal collage!

Last week's journey to Indiana required scads of car travel both there and back.  What that equated to was me catching up (a bit) on reading the large stack of magazines I've acquired this past few months...

My reading has resulted in a stack of glossy images (I've pulled from the magazines).  You see, these visual guides have inspired my inner creative fashionista to have some fun.  Listed below are the ones I'm vowing to try out, myself:
  • pair a chambray shirt with a boucle' skirt (I own a fab chambray shirt. Think it's time to scope out a boucle' skirt (smile));
  • wear my snood indoors (with something quasi dressy) versus outdoors only. My snood (I refer to it as an "infinity scarf") is featured on a video made available via this past blog post;
  • knot a silk blouse over a pencil skirt (this will work perfectly with the couple of larger silk blouses I've acquired);
  • buy a leopard print blouse and layer it over a black dress;
  • match my lipstick to my sunnies (I believe it's time to find a pair of mulberry or cranberry shades...);
  • sport my fave white tee with my leather pencil skirt and leopard print pumps (My vintage bomber jacket would top this off nicely, yes?);
  • wear a maxi dress into the office (Paired with the right jacket, the one featured in this past post will work perfectly!);
  • don gold ballet flats (Topped off with a colorful boho print skirt/shirt combo and a vintage coin bracelet... How sweet!).
What about you?  Anything yummy inspire your creative fashionista as of late?  I would ADORE hearing about it!

Joy & peace!  T.