Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Artsy Wintertime Self-Adornment

Donned these babies last Friday...

Last Friday afternoon, while out and about, I passed a super-sweet woman on the street.  She called out, “Love the look—just like a movie star.” Blush!

Yes, I know she was merely being a dear; however, I later, posted on the Tickled Pink Woman Facebook page, “Amazing what a couple of props can do...” along with the photo above.  That $10 vintage hat and pair of no name sunnies (pictured above) are, most likely, what spurred the fun + lovely compliment I got.

Often too cold, windy, icy and/or snowy to wear what I’d really like to; wintertime sometimes threatens to limit my fashion choices.  That’s were I like to get a bit creative—especially with simple accessories...

Color block using tights and boots
 Black pindot skirt + cream sweater tights + black boots

Drape a scarf over a ho-hum sweater + turtleneck combo
Keeping it simple--but adding some flair!

 Wear both a hat and scarf (meant for outdoors) indoors
 This photo was taken in 2009 while volunteering at WinterFest.
I'd totally sport the look, again, today--in 2013 (smile).

Pin some sparkle to your lapel... I'm wearing this one today!
Go Red for Women!

Do you also find the winter weather makes you become a bit more creative with your use of accessories?  Please share your wintry accessory inspirations!

Joy & peace.  T.