Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peace Up, Stress Down!

Candles lit=Peace up, stress down...

What a week it’s been so far...  Monday evening’s work meeting lasted until nearly 9:30 (Yes, I was indeed bushed at the close of that one.).  Tuesday, I hopped from place to place; stopping only long enough to lunch with a group of dear friends.  Interestingly enough, much of our conversation, that day, gravitated toward how much each of us had on her proverbial “plate.”

Busyness, it seems, has become the norm—more times than not... And, although, being busy does not necessary lend itself to stress; oftentimes, it does.

I’ve developed a few strategies for balancing the busy a bit; thus, minimizing the potential for stress.  Will share added thoughts about these strategies on the next Tickled Pink Woman podcast (anticipated to air this coming weekend).  Until then, here they are my measures for turning up the peace and cranking down the stress a bit:
  • Implement Time Savers: Incorporating time savers into my morning routine gets me out the door more serenely each workday. My favorite time saver is to lay my clothes, jewelry, accessories, undergarments, footwear and outerwear out the night before.
  • Pare Down: Less in the closets and drawers means things are easier to locate, coordinate with other items, etc.  As new goods come into my home, I weed out those things I no longer use--selling them through a local consignment shop or donating them to charity.
  • Engage in at least one spiritual activity a day: Morning meditation is decidedly my favorite spiritual practice! I always feel much more grounded afterwards.
  • Establish minimum standards for self-care: This past post says it all.
  • Sign up for the power of the pen: Writing rights. Generally, I journal three to four times a week.  At times, I only write a few lines a day; others I'll write pages. It’s my perennially favorite way to "right" via writing.
  • Embrace white space: Added stillness equates to more tranquility.  Workday mornings (barring those that I have company or that Mark’s not already headed to work), I enjoy eating my breakfast in silence, while looking out onto my backyard.  It’s a totally bliss-producing experience.
What strategies to you recommend for more peace, less stress?  Please share!

Joy and peace.  T.